Phone and Text Banking

Thanks for joining in the fight to defeat Proposition 115.

Prop 115 is a dangerous abortion ban with no exceptions for health or individual circumstances — even in cases of rape, risks to the woman’s health, or a lethal fetal diagnosis. We’re glad to have you on our team as we contact voters leading up to Election Day.

We need to build a grassroots groundswell of volunteers who can power around-the-clock voter outreach.

We are holding trainings and volunteer shifts Monday – Friday every week between now and Election Day. But if those shifts don’t work for you — no worries. This page has all the resources you need to start doing voter outreach to ensure Coloradans are voting #NoOn115.

Welcome to the #NoOn115 Campaign!

Step One

Learn How to Contact Voters

If you’re new to phonebanking or textbanking, our campaign has developed two video tutorials to give you the info you’ll need to start texting and calling voters from your home. No additional training needed! Watch now.

If you’re having trouble with these videos, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact the campaign at [email protected]. 

Step Two

Get Set Up

If you haven’t already, create your account with HubDialer or Spoke so you can start reaching out to voters at your convenience.

Step Three

It’s Time! Start Contacting Voters for the #NoOn115 Campaign.


Know someone else who would like to join the #NoOn115 campaign? Share this form with your family and friends to grow our team and ensure Coloradans are voting #NoOn115.

We need as much help as we can get to defeat this ban, so we’re always looking for more volunteers!