Types of mobile applications and their features

Smartphones have become an important component of our life processes and everyday life. They replaced our alarms, computers with social media, music players, newspapers, books, televisions and even remote controls. There are different types of mobile applications that allow us to use smartphones for these applications. More and more types appear each year. If you want to navigate them, you have to study them in detail.

Native programmes

The developers made them compatible with only a certain operating system, such as Apple iOS, Google and its Android, or Windows Phone. They allow the user interface to be optimized. As a result, it functions more quickly and understandably with these programs.

It is worth noting that native programmes use the device’s resources in the most economical way, as well as they have access to a wide range of features such as Bluetooth, phone book contacts and NFC.

However, the development and updating of such programs take a lot of time. In addition, native programmes occupy quite a lot of storage devices.

Web applications

This type of software is similar to native ones, but you can only access them via a web browser on a mobile device. You will not have to download or install them. At the same time, the inscription «Install» means only the bookmark of the URL address of the website on your device. You do not have to customize your web application to your platform or operating system. All this makes the development of such programs easier and cheaper.

This apk does not overload the storage in your smartphone. This makes them easier to use. Developers update this type of software in a timely manner and online.

However, web applications depend entirely on the browser you use on your device. They are not fully offline. Even if you are able to install this program on your smartphone, you will still need a regular Internet connection because you will have to back up your data at all times and provide up-to-date information and updates.

Advanced web applications (PWA) are a specialized type of these programs. These are extensions of a website that you can save on computer systems, devices and use as an application. PWAs use the API, or web browser functionality, to allow you to interact with programmes on different devices. Updating such programs coincides with website updates, but such types have many incompatible factors with some operating systems.

Hybrid mobile application types

Such programs can be installed on your device in the same way as native ones. However, you will enable them with your browser. They have several distinguishing features, such as:

  • a unique icon on the main screen;
  • adaptive design;
  • powerful capacity;
  • possibility to operate offline

Developers can create a hybrid version with less effort and cost than the native one. Among their strengths is compatibility with poor Internet speed and harmonized interface. However, it has a power that is smaller than the native ones.