Optimum program for smartphone cleaning: 6 best apk

Regular maintenance of mobile gadgets is not necessary, but you still have to clean them from time to time. For this purpose, special applications for cleaning the phone have been created. We will describe the most convenient options for devices with popular OS.

The optimum program for cleaning a phone on the Android basis

First, you should pay attention to CCleaner. It’s a smartphone garbage-cleaning program that handles Android-based devices perfectly, and it also handles its functions well within Windows 10 and macOS computers. It allows you to clear your RAM and make more free storage’s branches free. In addition to the main functions of the program, it is also equipped with a system monitoring tool. This allows you to control factors, such as:

  • use of the processor by various programs;
  • the amount of RAM consumed by them;
  • the temperature level of the device.

The function of the memory analyser gives you a better idea of how space is used on your smartphone.

Another program that is popular with its safe antivirus tools is Norton Clean, which Norton has developed.

In addition to removing unwanted information from the device, Norton Clean will give you functions such as:

  • removing preinstalled programs;
  • possibility to move information to SD cards
  • virus cleaning device;
  • protection of users’ confidentiality.

You will also be able to read all possible recommendations to remove programs that you rarely use.

Droid Optimizer is an entire control panel that has a comfortable interface. It describes the state of your RAM and the remaining free sectors in the storage. By cleaning your Android-based device, you can complete the background process with just one click. You can also configure Droid Optimizer to work automatically on a regular basis and control programs with confidential permissions.

Phone-cleaning software with iOS: selecting

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner removes all unwanted items such as cache, temporary files and incorrect data. It also gives you a high-speed device and a large amount of storage space for media files.

A very efficient and convenient tool has a simple interface. It runs based on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Among the issues it solves are:

  • low speed;
  • smartphone crashing;
  • long start time.

This is not harmful to your information. You can create a large backup on the iPhone and iPad before the cleaning process.

PhoneClean is a convenient program for cleaning iOS with privacy protection. It is a program for cleaning phone memory, which solves most issues that can reduce the performance of your device. It clears your cache, big and old files, cookies and browsing history. These are all the files you don’t need. This program also includes many foreign languages in its interface.

Clean Doctor is a universal program for cleaning Mac, iPhone, iPad. It will remove not only all unwanted but also redundant files, such as duplicate media and contacts, as well as spam and advertisements in the calendar.