Nike Training Club app review

The NTC app is a great way to shape up and keep it in tune. After installing this program, you will be able to get more than 200 unique training programs. There are wide ranges of optimal sports activities such as yoga or power exercises. Equipment training is available too. In the program, over a hundred exercises are aimed at developing multiple muscle groups simultaneously. These classes are based on the principles of the interval system. The duration of each one is 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Most exercise complexes do not require you to use any special equipment, so you can train anywhere you want.

This app will give you a video library that is regularly replenished with new activities. In NTC, any user will find all the necessary techniques to help him or her achieve the desired result, regardless of the level of physical preparation.

Individual training programs

Each program is designed in such a way that the user can achieve a specific goal. For example, it can develop physical strength, pump a certain group of muscles, or lose weight.

NTC is ideally suited for home-based independent training and will become an indispensable assistant in the gym to make the use of the simulators as effective as possible.

In addition to a wide range of training options, the application allows you to customize the program to suit your individual needs. The main strength of this app is that it adapts to the results of each athlete, and further motivates and creates a comfortable training environment.


This program is a kind of personal trainer who will always be there for you and will lead you to any result. NTC will suit both amateur and professional athletes.

Among the advantages of using the application are:

  • Training planning function. It is only available to iOS users. It helps users to make an ideal schedule for their lifestyle. In addition, plan integrated programs that are planned for a week or a month, or do it with separate exercises.
  • Unique training. In NTC, there are a huge number of training types in video format. The application instructors will help you to improve your physical fitness and maintain your results and will motivate you for new achievements. Users will be able to concentrate on the development of a certain group of muscles, develop mobility, and improve endurance and strength.
  • Results. Any user will receive rewards for each achievement. You will be able to record your results in the «Activity» sector. This will allow you to maintain motivation for regular training.

The interface of this program is another factor that we cannot ignore. The developers thought through all the details and made it convenient factors such as high-quality video and photo, convenient search, and stylish design.