How to replace Maintenance Box with Canon Service Tool

Colour printers of popular brands get factory software that helps the user control the level of waste ink. And the Canon brand devices were no exception. With each activation of modern Canon printers, as well as the cleaning of the dusks, the spent ink falls into a small container with absorbent material. It has the name Maintenance Box.

When the Maintenance Box is full, your device stops functioning. And then, you will not be able to print a single sheet. This measure of necessity is necessary to ensure that the ink does not start to spill over the edge of the maintenance box as it will lead to pollution and breakdown of the printer. In this case, it will be quite easy to solve this ink problem, but first you should learn something.

Tips for solving the problem of maintenance box

You will not be able to avoid the overflow of the Maintenance Box, although until then you will be able to print hundreds or even thousands of colour images. But at some point the printer will still stop and refuse to respond to the user’s commands. In this case, you should reset the device counters because it cannot track the fullness of the Maintenance Box using the built-in tools. It controls the number of inclusions and determines how much ink has been used.

You should remember that some of the Canon devices will not simply drop the ink control counters if the Maintenance Box is already overcrowded. Therefore, you should act in advance and a special program will help you, such as the Canon Service Tool. This program connects to the printer and removes the counters so that the user can see when they should be reset. Cleaning the Maintenance Box is very expensive. It will be much easier for you to throw out this component and use the container to drain the ink. Remember to clean this container from time to time.

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Canon Service Tool

Tips for transferring the printer to service mode

First, you should pull the plug from the printer and wait a few seconds. Next, you should click on the on button. This will help you spend the electricity remaining on the power supply and allow the printer to remember information about the performance of previous processes.

After doing this simple manipulation, you should connect the printer to the electricity and press the on button. Then click on the “Cancel” button. The model of your printer provides the duration of this process. The indicator on the printer panel should be green, which indicates that your device is in service mode.

Resources for downloading of the program

However, you can download the current version of the Canon Service Tool, you should visit a special site that specialises in finding and releasing useful programs for their free download. You should remember that when choosing a version of the program, you should pay attention to the list of supported printer models. The fact is that new samples of Canon techniques are not supported in older versions of the program.

On such sites, users will surely find other free PC programs that can help with the solution of various problems and are ready to increase the comfort from computer or laptop to maximum. At the same time, the convenient navigation system and brief descriptions make it easier to find the right and interesting programs for all popular operating systems.