Glow Baby

It’s a very useful app for Android Basis devices. It will help you to breastfeed and will also be a reliable assistant to a young mother in the care of their babies. This app will tell you when to do something that is especially necessary when a woman is a mother. This program describes how to do certain procedures and it does so in detail and comprehensibly. If you want, you can edit the instruction and enter your settings there. You can control processes like feeding, changing diapers, and baby sleeping with this program.

Glow Baby’s main features are:

  • Interactive journal. This function will help you control the time and frequency of breastfeeding or give advice on artificial feeding. It describes each stage of these processes and gives you the benefit of a coupling counter.
  • The program has a community where you can interact with other parents.
  • You can also create an album to upload children’s photos and take notes right in the program. If you want, you can share pictures of your baby with your friends or your relatives.
  • The program allows you to control the development of newborns and to record important points.
  • With the help of the application, you will be able to control what your child does during swimming or rest.
  • You can regulate the slitting of baby teeth and detect the symptoms that arise in this process.
  • The program has a large library that contains articles on the proper care and raising of children.
  • Possibility to control parameters of several children.
  • Fixing body temperature and other medical indicators.
  • Control of the body mass and height of your child, as well as compliance with medical standards.