Functioning of mixer applications for cryptocurrencies

Mixers for cryptocurrencies will help you make transactions as anonymous as possible. Given this feature, many users prefer such platforms, which have become trendy recently. This mixer is a platform that mixes crypto coins with the currency of other users. Because of this, the privacy of a user’s private information grows.

What is a crypto mixer?

The history of blockchains is public; anyone can learn that in a particular browser to see some addresses or other characteristics of a blockchain. Moreover, analytics of methods of blockchain work makes it possible to spy on a particular holder of a crypto purse.

Accordingly, users learned of this and wanted to enhance their anonymity. Crypto mixers were developed. Their working principle is unique. However, each of them serves to increase users’ privacy, as well as to hide the connection of coins and particular wallets and its holder. A great option is the platform, which has become popular due to its reliability and good reputation.

Today, there are centralized and decentralized mixers. The first ones receive money from users and send an equal number of bitcoins back, but these are coins from other users. They cannot ensure the total privacy of each user. Often, users need to register and verify their identity.

In general, deferred transfers are used. The second type of mixer uses a coin-stirring scheme. Random user tokens are merged and redistributed. You get total anonymity. At the same time, the cost of the service depends on the amount of mixing and the amount paid.


Decentralized crypto mixers

Many mixers have started using intelligent public contracts. These protocols work according to the following methods:

  • the user enters coins into the pool of smart contracts;
  • coins are mixed with the currency of other users in the contract;
  • the user sends a request to receive coins from another wallet;
  • a similar amount of coins of another type.

Cryptography verifies the rights of coins. They do this through different techniques, such as zk-SNARK, ring signature, etc. The main advantage of these mixers in maximum anonymity is that tracking down other contract participants and recording transaction history is impossible.


Today there is a large number of crypto-mixers. As already mentioned, you can run into fraudsters. So when choosing a platform, please read the feedback from other users and carefully study their reputation. It is best to read reviews online, and you can start exploring the algorithm of the selected mixer and start transactions.

To minimize the risks, you should maximize the security of your online activities and the money you have accumulated on your balance sheet. To do this, we advise you to use extraordinary explorers. They carry out AML verification of ongoing transactions, and such platforms will give the user maximum information about the funds’ origin and owner.

In addition, these tools analyze potential risks in the issue of each transaction. Data platforms always recognize dangerous transactions and classify them as high risk, as well as stolen coins, fraud, and other illegal activities.