Baby Connect

Baby Connect is a useful application that will allow you to control the development of your baby, build change graphs and reports, determine weekly averages. This application synchronizes the settings you enter. We should point out that the program stores all information on the official application site, so if your device is lost, you can turn it on your computer or install it on another mobile device, to access your information by activating your account.

This tool will also help you compare current parameters with those of the previous day or week, as well as view information in the form of graphs so that you can calculate the main changes in indicators.

The program will help you in the process of fixing your hours of medication or vaccine in time. Also, you can calculate the basic parameters of your body, such as weight, head size, and height, and compare them in percentage according to medical regulations.

Baby Connect will help you use timers to remind you of the need to change diapers, take medication, or feed a child. Baby care will become better due to the fact that the program notifies you automatically.

The program has several useful functions, such as:

  • Convenient tracking of activity, feeding, sleeping, changing diapers, mood and stages of child development.
  • Control of time of pumping of milk and its volume.
  • Recording of visits of the doctor, taking of drugs, vaccines, diseases.
  • Calculation of the percentage of basic parameters and medical standards for children born earlier. This function is based on the date of actual birth or date.
  • Possibility to write notes with one touch.
  • Possibility to send graphs and reports to parents, nannies, and doctors.
  • Uploading of child photos.
  • Unlimited number of children to follow.
  • Possibility to send information to popular social networks.
  • Sending a child’s location GPS data and displaying it on a map.
  • Total security. Password protection for confidential information.