Baby Beat

Now, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat even during your pregnancy. You can do that with the Baby Beat app. This program will help you hear your baby’s heartbeat from the second trimester of pregnancy. You have to be really quiet when you use this smartphone app.

There are several operating rules for this application, such as:

  • You need to make sure that the case of your smartphone does not interfere with the microphone before you start this program. The room should be completely quiet.
  • As far as the volume is concerned, you should adjust it to the maximum.
  • You should listen to your own heartbeat before you test this program. Next, you’re looking for a spot on your belly that’s perfect for listening to your baby’s little heartbeat.
  • Occasional and loud bumps are not heartbeats. These are the sounds that come from the movement of a baby or your umbilical cord.

This program is intended for personal use only. You still must visit the doctor regularly. Only doctors can correct the condition of a pregnant woman and a future baby.

This program has several useful functions.

  • You can record the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat and save them for your memory.
  • The program will help you send your notes to your relatives or friends via e-mail and social media.
  • In addition, any future mother has the possibility to add photos with ultrasound and abdominal changes to this program and thus create whole galleries.

This program will also give you some tips on such factors as:

  • When and how to transfer a baby to bottle-feeding.
  • How to overcome post-partum depression.
  • Should or not you sleep in the same bed with your child.

Baby Beat is the best way to control your baby’s heartbeat and save those moments for the future.