Apps for study

Such programs help people to study more quickly and do their homework easily. You won’t have to carry a lot of textbooks anymore. All you have to do is download these apps into your smartphone. The selection of the most popular programs for the study will be described in this article.

«Foxford» textbook

This application is a kind of encyclopaedia of the high school curriculum. There are convenient navigation, simple and understandable interface and hundreds of lessons from teachers in video format. All important historical dates, axioms, theorems, and formulas are collected here. You can also use this as help in preparing your homework or as a tutor in any subject.

The lectures, which are contained there, are presented in video format; they are understandable and easy to assimilate. The most advanced teachers of the most popular universities in Russia have developed them, and now they are aimed at schoolchildren. This program includes theoretical classes in almost basic general education disciplines such as history, Russian language, mathematics, biology, social studies, physics, chemistry, and computer science. Tests and practical exercises will help you test the level of knowledge you have gained from this program or from schoolteachers. You can also choose a level of difficulties, such as base or Olympic.


It is very simple to use a program that will help you solve any equation of different levels of complexity. The main advantage of this program is that you will not need to manually enter the conditions of the task. You should simply scan the handwritten task or photograph it so that the program can solve the problem instead of you. At first, you may think this program is a useless cheat sheet, but even though it provides a ready-made solution, the main purpose of this application is to help students learn algorithms and solve problems and equations. Photomath is the optimum method of learning how to master the school curriculum and comprehend the biggest challenges of it. Thus, it will help you during sickness or a trip during which you have to skip classes at school or institute. A full-fledged scientific calculator is built into this program, which will allow you to solve equations and construct function graphs. You will not need to create a stable Internet connection for the program to work successfully. Then you can use this program at your school. Photomath will enable you to solve problems in mathematical analysis, basic mathematics, algebra and trigonometry. The application will also benefit students and schoolchildren.

«Chemistry X10»

Chemical exercises have always been the most difficult for schoolchildren, and this program will help with their solution. It includes many issues from the school curriculum, such as:

  • exercises solving;
  • free transformation chains;
  • equations of reactions;
  • the setting of coefficients;
  • molar masses.

This program will give you a detailed and interactive Mendeleev table and it is adapted for schoolchildren. For most options, the user does not need to connect to the Internet. The program allows you to solve problems with detailed and unfolded answers and has the option Protection from the teacher. These options are only available if you have a paid subscription.


This program is a manual on physics, supplemented by the possibility of automatic exercise solving. The curriculum contains the theory of the subject and the necessary axioms, formulas and values in the table format. «Betaphizix» covers the entire school’s physics course. In the application, there is a useful option that will help you search for the necessary formulas for key or unknown words to solve the exercises. So if you need to calculate the amplitude of oscillations according to the graph of the wave function, then all you need is to insert the word «amplitude» into the line, and then, this program will show you all existing formulas. This program supports the main directions of physics, such as quantum, nuclear, electrical and thermal phenomena, mechanics, or optics. Almost all options are offline. Another advantage of this program is that it does not have ads.


This program is an e-diary that will be the best assistant for both the student and the student. It will help you record your homework, the names of your teachers, and even your school schedule or lectures. An important feature of the program is a reminder of your homework, which allows you to see what you need to do in the near future and which tasks you can postpone to the next. This application will discipline you perfectly and will allow you to plan your time efficiently. The scheduling function is well developed by developers. All students will appreciate the schedule set in weeks, and they will love the indication of the classrooms where the teachers will give their lectures. You will receive a notice 15 minutes or half an hour before classes start. Any user will be able to receive this program free. Nevertheless, you can also pay a subscription if you want to turn off the ads.