Amila: pregnancy calendar

The Amila calendar will help you at all stages of your baby’s growth during pregnancy and will also tell you what happens in a woman’s body during each month of this period. Thousands of users loved this application for its simple interface and beautiful design. Thanks to this application, you can calculate your weight changes, the frequency of your baby’s pushes, and make notes about the emergence of new symptoms.

When a woman prepares to be a mother, she is interested in how the baby develops and changes during pregnancy, and how her body transforms. You can learn this information if you install this application and register with it. We must remind you that this program is not intended to be used for medical purposes. This is just an assistant who will allow you to control the growth and development of your baby and the changes in his or her body every month of pregnancy. You must follow the advice your doctor gives you during your consultations. As for the calendar, it will simply help you remember what your symptoms were and when they occurred, and you will be able to monitor your weight, the first movements of your child and other important details that you must report to a specialist in a timely manner.

This application will help you in such factors as:

  • Monitor pregnancy on a weekly basis.
  • Receive information on the status and changes in the woman’s body and the child’s development.
  • Calculate the term and date of pregnancy.
  • Fix changes in body mass.
  • Perform Kegel’s exercises.
  • Keep a record of the child’s movements.
  • Record pregnancy symptoms.
  • Regulate the interval and duration of contractions at the beginning of labor.